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(The Story from the Host with the Most Welcome to the Best Customers)

The Story begins here...Tearing your heart's away with a stunning "Atmosphere from a Spectacular Tropical Rainforest". The Marvelous Island located on an Eastern part of Thailand which is not far away for travelling from The Mother's Land of Trat Province. Where you are able to feel and touch A nature resources as there're so many interesting places to see that most of people can easily falling in love of this place. A Wisely Project started from this beautiful land, were taking back to year 2003. There is a Kindliness Family who lives in A Major City on a southern land called Hat-Yai. Who had visited Koh Kood Island for leisure and not long after they brought some part of the Island on Bang Bao Sub-district where you can see The Most Beautiful sunset in Koh Kood. A passion to create a charming land into a finest Resort, wishing to be one far of the best Resort in "KOH KOOD".

For a decent, from a hand to hand, Father to Son/Daughter of the family. Slowly, growing their love on "A Small Luxury Resort". Aiming for The Most Convenience & The Most Care with an Oriental Services to display to their Customers. Believe, all of passion that flowing around The Resort will catch up their most respect Customers who will cheer up and telling story about the resort in public. Which will lead more customers to hide away from those Busy Life-Style. Taking a Break for both short and long haul vacation to receive their "Peaceful in a Private of a Paradise. A few years earlier, following a "DREAM", The Father's hand all respond to his Daughter's.

A smart lady who names "Khun Malee" brings her Great Ambition, Active Character especially a kindness "Heart". She puts all afford on the Resort and Charming land, setting "A Great Mission" which is not easy for approachable. Her Mission's is not only bring a Success Business in Hospitality but also highly concern for giving a Facilities with the best Oriental Service as a benefit back to all Customers and distribute knowledge with a great care through all staffs either Thai or Cambodian.

"The Lady with an Iron Heart" came after her and flowing around the Resort because a little Thai lady from downtown, who growth in upper class of society. But shown her easy life-style and love to liv-in an inconvenience life in an Island. Many years earlier, she was a key person who dealt with a Local Influencer who own biggest boat transportation in the area, she persuaded him to expand boat routing from main land and Koh Chang to Koh Kood. Otherwise, as we can see many more tourism visit Koh-Kood, nowadays. Last but not least, she likes to support a local community and charity to schools, temples, poor children along with concerning for an environment in the area. This matter of fact, making The Beach Resort to be one far of the best "ECO FRIENDLY & GREEN RESORT" in Koh Kood, Eventually.

The wonderful stories lead a group of people who has same idea of goodliness with Khun Malee and will walk together with her and the family to turn a "Dream Mission" into Life's. A Magical Island's won't end up your vacation plan just only a Resort to live-in or A Unique Touch from an Oriental Service Provider. But also still there be a great Waterfall, a White sand beach, a beautiful of the clearly blue sea, a river along with a local agriculture, a native fisherman's village that still await to welcome you on the Island as always. We are inviting our "Classy Customers" who plan to have an "Extremely Extra Ordinary" vacation or holiday. And always welcome "A Value Customers In Style" to explore a real happiness and joyfulness.... as we intend to share you with an UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES ever. Which will be a remarkable stain on your heart's whenever you are in KOH-KOOD ISLAND and liv-in at THE BEACH NATURAL RESORT….

Hearing a whisper of the wind... Breathing fresh Air and seeing beauty of "THE SKY"

Lying down and throw out your barrier… Touching a softness of "THE SAND"

Clearing your mind and fulfill Energy…Feeling warm through your skin from "THE SUN"

Walking down to "THE BEACH" and explore a Happiness … with a Charming of "THE SEA" 2015 Award Winner

Certificate of Excellence 2013 Winner by TripAdvisor

Awarded by guests

Highly Recommended
Ko Kut

Green season @ The Beach Natural Resort

The Beach Natural Resort

During green season we have special Walk-In Promotions, please visit the The Beach Natural Resort keeps its door open for business all year round. The ferry company carries people to Koh Kood on a daily basis during the green season.

After you confirm your reservation, we will email you a reservation form. When arriving on Koh Kood the ferry will not be able to dock on our own pier, so we’ll send a resort pickup to pick you up from Ao Salad port on the north west of Koh Kood island (100 baht / person).

The snorkling trip or waterfall trip is avaliable during this time (depending on the weather conditions). The layout of Bang Bao Bay protects swimmers and kayakers from possibly dangerous sea conditions as well.

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