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by Sony @November,13 2010 12.06 ( IP : 125...56 ) | Tags : International Webboard

Dear The Beach Natural Resort

We had been staying at a Beach Seaview Deluxe (room A3) from Nov 5th. That was our third trip to Kho Kood but first time to stay your resort. The room, food, your hospitality.. all were perfect! (One thing..we were surprised that the system of hot water shower by turning on the A/C haha)

We could stay only 2 nights.. that was the only regret.

We are definetly coming back to you. Please keep up the great service as it is!

Arigato very much.


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The Beach Natural Resort Staff
Posted @November,15 2010 17.47 ip : 203...180

Dear, Khun.Sony

Thank you so very much for your email! We're very happy to hear so and I'll send this message to our staffs at the resort :d . I so believe it's such a big support for them to work on. We also really hope to have any chance to service you in the future and it's such an honor to have you as our valuable guest.

Again, thank you very much for your support. It's totally mean to all of us :)

Warmest Regards, The Beach Natural Resort Staff

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