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The Beach Natural Resort, Koh Kood

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The Beach Natural Resort - Koh Kood is located in Koh Kood Island on the Eastern part of Thailand. The official name of the island calls "Koh Kood District" which belongs to Trat Province. Traveling from Bangkok City to Trat Province, it takes 380 km. around 4 - 5 hours. Then from Trat Downtown to Lam Sok Pier takes 80 km. around 30-45 minutes to take sea transportation to Koh Kood. The sea transportation will take around 1 hour & 15 minutes - 1 hour & 30 minutes depend on an addition (drop in-out) Routing or an incidental weather forecast.

B - Stories Base

The Story begin here: .... Tearing your heart's away with a stunning "A HIDDEN GEM" located on a Marvelous Island which located not far away from The Mother's Land of Trat Province, an Eastern Part of Thailand. The island is full of Mother Nature Atmospheres as there is a clear fresh air, An emerald sea water who after it name "AN EAST ANDAMAN SEA" with so many interesting places to explore here. That is why, most of people can easily falling in love of this place.

Next Story begin with: .... a wisely project that came with a loving of this beautiful land and were taking back to year 2003. There is a kind family from the capital city who visited Koh Kood Island and fond in love of Koh Kood from the first sight. Later, they bought some part of Bang Bao sub-district where you can see the most beautiful sunset on the island. A passion to create a charming land into a resort, wishing to be one far of the best Resort in "KOH KOOD" one day.

For a decent, from a hand to hand and father to son/daughter in the family. Slowly, build their love on "A Small Luxury Resort" and built such a "Finest Living Villas and Cottages" together. Creating the most convenience and classy style of livin home along with an oriental services providing to their customers. Hopefully all passion of this wonderful resort will be flown into public to leading more customers who plans to hide away from their busy life-style. Taking a break for a short or long haul vacation to balancing their sensation in a truly private space.

Mid Story begin with: .... Many years later, the chief of family's give all responsibly to his daughter who has a great ambition and vision, taking all effort to grow the property by setting "A Great Mission" to complete. A mission is not only to bring a success in hospitality business but highly concern for giving a benefit on both facilities and the best "Oriental Service" back to all customers.

A passion to distribute knowledge of hospitality, a great care to an employees along with a great support on local community and environment in the area.... Making The Beach, Natural Resort stay in range for "ECO FRIENDLY & GREEN RESORT". The wonderful stories lead a group of people who has the same passion to walk together with her and family, turning dream mission into life's.

The Final end here: .... A magical island's will end up your vacation plan, not only a resort and service providing for you, but also having a waterfall, a white sand beach, a beautiful of the clear emerald sea, a river along with a local agriculture, a native fisherman's village that still welcome you here as always.

We are inviting a "Classy Customers" to have a unique experience and explore your precious vacation or holiday with an "UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES" at "THE BEACH NATURAL RESORT KOH KOOD".

Hearing a whisper of the wind... Breathing fresh Air and seeing beauty of "THE SKY"

Lying down and throw out your barrier… Touching a softness of "THE SAND"

Clearing your mind and fulfill Energy…Feeling warm through your skin from "THE SUN"

Walking down to "THE BEACH" and explore a Happiness … with a Charming of "THE SEA"

Author: Satjawat A.

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